Montimpeks offers industrial solutions

Montimpeks will continue to search full Customers satisfaction with the support of many foreign partners ,which hold the most modern technical know-how as Supplier and as being Contract-partners. Compliance capabilty is seen as the highest Asset , for different Customers,which show different demands for different products and services with different partners.

  • Paper Machine

    PMP-Group: Paper machinery producer of highest quality and and technology.
    Lanex : Paper carrier ropes
  • Stock Preperation

    Our Company works together with the reputable Companies worldwide to supply the Stock Preperation equipment from Pulper to Headbox. Our Company’s Project Department prepares full lay-out ,mass-balance ,isometric and installion projects for Paper mills and takes into operation.

    Garam screens: Baskets and Rotors in Stock Preperation
    Cellwood Machinery: Pulper,Pump, reject Seperator, High Consistency Cleaners, Deflaker, Screw Press for Dewatering , Dispersion ,Bleaching ,Refiner products are World-wide known as leaders
    Vincent: Screw Press –used in many fields for dewatering applications.
    Apollo Valves: every kind of Valve
    ALGAS: Micro Filter
    STM: Complete Stock Preperation Equipment
  • Paper Machine Wet Part

    Nippon Filcon: Wires and Fabrics production for Paper machines of highest quality
  • Paper Machine Press Part

    Daehan Felt: Press Felts for Paper machine
  • Paper Machine Dry Section

    Daehan Felt: Dryers for Paper machine
    Nippon Filcon: Clean Belt for Dryers
  • Paper Machine Winder &Rewinder

    GOEBEL IMS: Paper&Board,Tobacco,Film,Alufoil Cutting and Slitting machinery of highest quality and precision
  • Vincent Corporation

    Screw Press design and production is her branch.Screw presses are used mainly in pulp and paper, citrus , farms ,food ,etc... Especially the new family screw presses by Vincent is expertised products.


    Food machinery production.


    Aseptic Packing material Cutting and Slitting machinery of highest quality
  • Apollo Valves