About Montimpeks

Montimpeks Company executes her activities since 2004 as continuation of Montes Company, which was established in 1966 by the ex-general manager of SEKA-State Enterprise.

Since the beginning Montimpeks keeps her trustability in the Market by following new Technologies and continues her Works in terms of representation, distributorship and projects. Main activities are Pulp&Paper, Food and Petrochemical industries. In Paper sector, Kartonsan, Viking Kagit, Olmuksan, Toprak Kagit and Ipek Kagit projects belong to us. In 2011 a new company Premier Paper has been established for Tissue Converting and taken into operation, for a cooperation organised by Saudi Paper.

Its of vital importance for us to support the projects in course of time by giving Service for the target of quality, efficiency ,due arrival of material by exports and imports. Customer Satisfaction is the goal of our Works.

Mission and Vision

Montimpeks’ mission is to rank at the top among the pioneer Companies ,which aims to offer the highest value addition to Customers, by following the demand and expectations in the Sector ,by the sustainable and innovative configuration.

Montimpeks continues to provide solutions according to Customer’s expectations. Montimpeks’ vision is to develop the Value addition to each Customer as being the Service Company and to be always ranking at top with all her efforts.

Montimpeks holds the Compliance and Flexibilty due to successfully accomplished projects according to change and expectation by the private sector.

Compliance capabilty is seen as the highest Asset , for different Customers,which show different demands for different products and services with different partners.

Montimpeks will continue to search full Customers satisfaction with the support of many foreign partners ,which hold the most modern technical know-how as Supplier and as being Contract-partners.

Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

Yaşar Başkaya (1925-2016)

General Manager

Murat Başkaya

Commercial Manager

Zeynep Baskaya