Energy Savings with Montimpeks Projects

In 2013 ,in Turkey a Brown Paper Producer mill has been projected and has retrofitted their existing Fine Screens with new rotors and baskets with slots 0,15mm. With this System the cleaning and strength of paper increased.

In 2009 ,in Turkey a Board Producer mill has been projected and delivered.Coarse Screens have been retrofitted new Rotors and 0,50mm slots Baskets,Fine Screens have been retrofitted with new Rotors and 0,15mm slots Baskets.The Fiber loss decreased by 1% and energy savings increased 30%.Dispersion was taken out of operation.

Efficiency increasing solutions in Middle East

In 2015 in the biggest brown paper producer in Saudi Arabia we have tried 0,15 mm slotted Screen and have observed the elimination of long fiber loss.

Our works will continue in 2017 in this mill.